Random Sugar Crash Ramblings

I have a headache.  I think my body is wondering why we're not eating a crème caramel, 2 pieces of chocolate cake (with quite a few stabs at some additional icing), a piece of torte, a lemon square, and some chocolate syrup tonight (twice on Saturdays!)  Or maybe it's because I'm not drinking 3 coffees per day anymore... I haven't suffered the dreadful post-show crash that usually afflicts us actors when a run is over, though since I have so many things on the go, I think I just haven't let it hit me yet.  When I finally realize that I can safely go into the bathroom without a fart machine going off, I think I may break down in tears.

It's weird.  I've always said that there were so many things that I wanted to be doing with my time that I couldn't because I had a full-time job.  However, now that I actually have that time, I haven't gotten around to much of it.  True, it's only been two days since the end of the show, and it's not like I've done absolutely nothing productive.  For instance, I learned that Hot Fuzz is a wickedly awesome movie and I think I have a crush on Simon Pegg.  Damn, good writing is sexy! (I will forgive him for Run, Fatboy, Run though.  He probably has a mortgage to pay too and it's simply easier to blame David Schwimmer instead)

There's so much theatre going on in town now that I'm not even sure where to turn my head.  I'm seeing up to 7 shows over the next two weeks.  First up, Toto Too's Evening of One-Acts, followed by Catalpa at The Gladstone.  Then there's A Midsummer Night's Dream at the NAC (which looks unbelievable!) and Look Back in Anger by Third Wall.  That's just for this week.  Next week I'm checking out Fires in the Mirror by NORT and Zadie's Shoes at the GCTC.  If I have time (which is looking doubtful, though who knows) I may also check out a show at the Canadian War Museum entitled ...and stocking for the ladies.

Seriously, people who think our city isn't vibrant with culture probably haven't checked out the current Ottawa theatre scene.

Is it sad that I really want a cookie right now?