My New Reality

It's been little over a month now that I've left my hum-drum 9 to 5 life behind and things just seem to keep getting better. Earlier this year, my humble little theatre company produced the Ottawa English language premiere of The Ventriloquist by Larry Tremblay.

Last week we found out that director Chris Bedford was nominated for Best Director in the Professional category for his work on the show by the Capital Critics Circle alongside incredible heavyweights like Joël Beddows, John P Kelly and the NAC's own Peter Hinton.  Not bad for a company that still operates out of someone's living room.

To top that off, tonight we were invited by M. Tremblay and the CAED to a staged reading of a few of his shows, including one that has yet to be published.  He also gave great insight into his writing process and the development of his scripts.  I found this part incredibly inspiring since I'm currently working on a script.  Following the readings we got to meet the man himself.

He was very pleased to meet with us and we had a wonderful chat.  After congratulating Chris on his nomination he finally took a really good look at the three of us.

"My God, you're so young!  You're all so young!"

Somehow that made me feel incredibly good.  Yes, we're all very young, we're doing very well, and we still have so much to gain.