Nancy Kenny – Executive Producer

A proud Acadian originally from New Brunswick, Nancy Kenny is a fluently bilingual actor, writer, producer, arts marketing & social media professional. She has been producing theatre since 2005, initially with Evolution Theatre, a company she co-founded in Ottawa, before branching out on her own with Broken Turtle Productions, a bilingual theatre and film production company. She is also the creator and solo performer of the award winning and critically acclaimed, Everybody Dies in December, as well as Roller Derby Saved My Soul. Both productions are still enjoying successful runs across the country. Her work has been recognized by the Canadian Comedy Awards, the Jessie Richardson Awards, and les Prix Rideau Awards.

On the Fringe is her first major film production project.

Natalie Watson – Co-Executive Producer & Editor

Natalie Watson's appreciation for visual media and the performing arts has led her to pursue a specialized education, beginning with the Performing and Visual Arts program at Central Memorial and continuing through to a degree in Broadcast Television and Film at The British Columbia Institute of Technology. She has explored the technical side of theatre working on various stage productions, including two years with The Calgary Stampede's Grandstand Show (Avery Productions).

Recently she has been more heavily involved in film and television production, having worked for both Breakfast Television and CTV in her hometown of Calgary. She's produced a wide variety of media projects over the past few years, and spent the summer of 2014 traveling across Canada filming a documentary about the Fringe Festival circuit, called On The Fringe, which is now in post-production.

Natalie is currently a Workflow Supervisor for Bling Digital, a Vancouver-based production technology and services provider.


Cory Thibert – Director

Originally from Ottawa (ON), Cory Thibert is a director, producer, actor, writer, editor who is now based in Vancouver (BC). He has multiple short films under his belt including the acclaimed Do Not Touch, eyetooth and Trois, which he produced through his company Wolf Pelt Productions. eyetooth was recently named an Official Selection and received the Merit Award from the Canada Shorts Film Festival. Trois was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Painted Lips & Lolly Licks Sexy Short Film Festival by one of the oldest surviving independent movie houses in all of Canada, the Mayfair Theatre. 

A graduate of the SAW Video JumpStart program, he was recently nominated for Best Director Under 25 at the 2015 Ottawa International Video Awards. 

He is in post-production for his first feature directorial debut with On the Fringe, a documentary about touring the Canadian Fringe Festival circuit.

He is also the co-artistic director of the independent theatre company May Can Theatre, where he produces, writes and performs original work across the country.



·       Executive Producer & Production Mentor - Dale Windle

·       Producer - Jamison Windle

·      Associate Producer -  Douglas Beaton

·       Camera and Sound – Natalie Watson & Cory Thibert

·       Additional Camera – Randi Strickland

·       Graphics  – Cody Nelson

·       Poster Design  – Petr Maur

·      Production Assistants – Emily Carvel, Madeleine Hall and Jean-Pierre Dubois-Godin




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