While offering a wide variety of perspectives, the film focuses on eight specific artists traveling with six different shows.

The Rookies: Four young artists from Saskatoon - Robert Grier, Grahame Kent, Morgan Murray and Danielle Spilchen - tour the Fringe circuit together for the first time. These four different personalities must learn to share a collaborative experience and either adapt their own personal processes or fall apart. 



The Power Couple: New York based performers Martin Dockery and Vanessa Quesnelle met on the touring circuit and subsequently married. For the two of them, traveling with the one you love mollifies the legendary loneliness of the touring artist by giving them a built it support network through the professional friction.


The Workaholic: Ottawa based solo performer Nancy Kenny is off on her largest and most successful tour to date. A business savvy artist, in her endless rush to stay at the front of the pack, she must find a way to temper her relentless drive before loneliness and exhaustion begin to take their toll. 


The Veteran: UK spoken word artist Jem Rolls structures his entire life around the circuit. 2014 marks his one hundredth appearance at a Canadian Fringe Festival, an exciting personal milestone and a Fringe record. A seasoned veteran who has seen it all, his at times gruff exterior hides a heart of gold devoted to the family he has created on the road.