You Don't Look Stressed Out...


That's the first thing the wonderful owner of Hunt Club Volkswagen said to me during our meeting on Friday: "You don't look stressed out..." With my producing partner flying into town on Wednesday, shooting starting on Thursday, film production prep, rehearsals for the show, a pitch session for the delightful Soup Ottawa community and premiere of a completely revised version of Roller Derby Saved My Soul on May 30th, no one is more surprised than me at my lack of stress.

Don't get me wrong. I did go through a brief period of self-doubt, but got through it thanks to some pretty amazing friends.

I feel incredibly loved and supported and, to be honest, I'm just too fucking happy to be stressing out right now. With 8 days left to go, my Indiegogo campaign for the documentary is still going strong, we're looking at a sold out performance on the 30th in Ottawa (seriously, you might want to get your tickets now if you haven't already), I've got a free car, and more sponsors are now coming onboard thanks to my connection to the great Love Ottawa website.

Feeling the Love Ottawa!

So thank you. All of you. I couldn't do any of this without you and the incredible team I surround myself with. I can't wait to share the re-vamped Roller Derby Saved My Soul this summer!