2014-05-26 14.59.25

Dear friends, I can hardly believe it, but as of this morning we have not only reached our $10,000 goal, we have surpassed it! Thanks to all of you and, it is important to add, an incredibly generous angel investor (henceforth known as "My Hero" forevermore). I can't begin to express to all of you the extent of the gratitude my team and I feel.


But wait! There's more:

All that said, the campaign is still active until June 1st, which means we have exactly one week to reach our stretch goals. You see, $10,000 was the bare minimum we needed to make the film, since we got our vehicle sponsored by the lovely people at Hunt Club Volkswagen, and that budget can be broken down as follows:

$7,000 for film equipment

$900 for car insurance

$2,100 for gas and other transportation

Now, at $10,000, IndieGogo will be taking about $500 in fees, so our first stretch goal is $10,500 to cover all our costs. As of writing this update, we are $325 away from achieving this goal.

$11,000 will help us cover accommodations. While we are getting billeted in all the festival cities, there will be a few detours along the way where we may need to pay in order to rest our heads. For instance, it is with great pleasure that I can confirm we will be interviewing the Canadian clowns of horror, Mump and Smoot, for the documentary.

Their critical acclaim and popularity was developed through consistent sell-outs in the Fringe Festivals across Canada, which has lead them on to enjoy successful runs in Toronto and at numerous North American regional theatres. We are lucky enough to have both Michael Kennard and John Turner available to speak with us for this documentary. We will be joining them at their farm on Manitoulin Island between the Toronto and Winnipeg Fringes.

$15,000 will help us focus on sound. Fringe Festivals are filled with incredibly multi-talented artists. Our dream is to have the film filled with original music from these artists. The money would help us cover recording costs as well as honorariums.

At $17,000, we will be able to hire additional crew in each city along the way, giving us the opportunity to collect even more stories from more people on the road.

At $20,000, I will be able to pay my team who is traveling with me all summer, fulfilling my belief that all artists deserve to be paid for the work they do.

Finally, at $20,000 + any money above and beyond this will help with post-production and distribution costs.


This documentary is happening, folks, now let's make it even better!