Nancy's Must-See List at the 2014 London Fringe Festival



Every year, every festival I attend, I write up a list of Fringe shows I am most excited to see. This is based on personal preference, knowledge of the performers involved, and general buzz. This is also typically a list of shows I haven't seen, so I can only say that I assume they will all offer you a good time, but can in no way guarantee it.

First up, of course, it goes without saying that you should get your tickets now for Roller Derby Saved My Soul. Got that? Great! Moving on:


God is a Scottish Drag Queen

Oh my God! (no pun intended) I have been trying to see this one on the circuit for ages but it consistently sells out. I am so excited I finally get to catch it tonight. Not only that, but I will also get to see part 2 in Montreal in a few weeks.

Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl

Another one I've been trying to catch on the circuit and I'm glad I finally get to see it here. Both this show and God are in my venue so you should maybe just park yourself at the McManus Studio for a while.

The Mask Messenger

Is there anything Christel Bartelse can't do? She's an incredibly talented lady and, judging on her wonderful preview performance last night, I feel this may be one of her best shows to date!


I still have no idea what this is about but it features Fringe vets Kurt Fitzpatrick and the Reverend Nudge, two very funny and charming performers.

Bootlegger's Wife

I missed Victoria Murdoch's last show, Dairy-Free Love, but heard really great things. She's a great performer and gave a solid preview performance last night. If you're up for a Drama, this should be the one to see.

World War Three

Jayson McDonald consistently makes my Must See lists and for good reasons. Bonus: In London he also has the homefield advantage. Do not miss!

Ladies Room

Another local group that I'm looking forward to checking out. Mostly because their show poster involves three ladies sitting on the john. I don't know what that says about me.

I also want to give special shout-outs to Persephone, BITE and Water Under the Bridge: A One-Act Musical Comedy About Puppets because I really enjoyed their preview performances.

With that, ready, set Fringe!