Do You Still Need Money?

Now with a car secured, you may be thinking, does she still need to reach her funding goal?

The answer is a great big resounding yes! You see, I had always factored in that the vehicle would be sponsored in my budget. I know, I know, it's a risky way of doing things, but I didn't forge my way through a career in the arts by being risk averse ;-) Speaking of budgets, where will the $10,000 for this documentary be going? Well, into equipment, mostly. I have quotes from multiple sources putting the cost of our film equipment somewhere in the $5000 to $7000 range once you factor in taxes. As we are on the road for months, buying is much cheaper than renting. That said, if any of you have leads on used camera (our preference is for a Canon 70D) and sound equipment (lav mics, ect.) please contact me directly by email info at nancykenny dot ca. If we can save money there, that would be wonderful.

The rest is currently going to transportation costs. This includes insurance on the vehicle for myself and multiple drivers, gas money for a road trip across the country, a plane ticket from Vancouver for my co-producer and editor to start the journey with us in Ottawa, a train ticket for my director so he can get to Montreal from London ahead of us, and any incidental accommodations if we can't get billets or need a place to crash along the way.

And this doesn't even factor in paying my team yet. You can call that my "stretch goal". In crowdfunding speak, when you have reached your goal before time has run out, you then set additional or stretch goals to explain what you would do with any extra funds. It's to encourage folks to keep contributing even when you've reached your primary goal.

If you've already contributed to the campaign thank you again for your incredible support and generosity. If you haven't, please check it out. The extended trailer below should give you an idea of the kind of movie we're trying to create:

As of writing this, we have reached over 40% of our funding goal with 1 days to go. Please keep sharing the campaign within your networks and, if you have the time, feel free to leave a comment on the Indiegogo site. All these things help us to trend on the Indiegogo website and increases our visibility.

We can do this!