Itching for Change

I've officially been staying in Ottawa since the last week of November. Although in December I took a quick day trip to Toronto and, eventually, got to spend 3 days in Moncton at home with my family for the holidays, this is the longest I have been in any one location in almost a year. It's been good, necessary actually. My body crashed and burned by the end of November and I needed the time to rest and recuperate. It's also been very nice to enjoy the little things, like having clothes in a closet instead of a suitcase and cooking my own meals.

But I'm anxious to get going now. This Ottawa winter has been particularly brutal and I just can't take it anymore. Years ago, my doctor told me I had Seasonal Affective Disorder. I was once on anti-depressants but I didn't like it. The past few winters, however, had been very mild and a healthy dose of vitamin D was all I needed to cope, but this? Ottawa, this is just too much. No matter what Rick Mercer has to say about it:

I've got 2 more performances of Pop Fiction coming up and the very next morning I fly out to Vancouver. I'll be working with my documentary partners and recording more material for the trailer while I'm out there. Then I'll hop right back to Ottawa before heading out on my first vacation in ages.

I. Can't. Wait.