On the Fringe

Image courtesy of Anusorn P nachol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net  

I've been involved with Fringe in some way or another since 2002.

Ever wonder what the heck a Fringe Festival is? Ever wonder why people participate in Fringe Festivals?  Ever wonder what the heck happens behind the scenes? This summer, I hope to answer some of these questions and more.

I briefly touched upon it in my last post, but I am creating a documentary of my upcoming summer tour. The current working title is On the Fringe and I am thrilled with how things are coming together.

From the end of May until mid-September, I'm going to have two people following me around with cameras as I go through the highs, the lows and the roadtrippyness of performing/producing a Fringe show on the Canadian circuit. There will be interviews with performers, audience members, staff, volunteers and critics... basically everyone who lives and breathes this crazy little world we've created for ourselves.

Since my team is based in Vancouver, they've started preliminary interviews with performers out there, along with David Jordan, Executive Director of the Vancouver Fringe and President of CAFF, which we will be using in the upcoming trailer to be released in March. My goal, at the end of this year, is to have a feature-length documentary which we will send to a variety of film festivals and release for world-wide distribution.

My days are currently filled with budgets and potential sponsorship pitches. Things I know we currently need:

  • A car that can comfortably seat at least 4 people, all our luggage, film equipment & my show gear;
  • Gas for a 4 month road trip across the country;
  • Insurance;
  • Accommodations along the way;
  • Food for my documentary team who is currently volunteering 4 months of their lives to follow me around;
  • Flights for 2 from Vancouver to Ottawa;
  • Money to pay my team (because it is crazy that 2 people would give up their summer like that without compensation);
  • Camera & other related equipment - It's actually cheaper to buy the equipment than rent it for 4 months;
  • Emergency fund - Car breaks down? Equipment gets stolen? I want none of these things to happen, but I want to be prepared for them if they do.

Can you help?

If you have a company that would love to get some national & international exposure, please feel free to email me at info at nancykenny dot ca for a sponsorship package. Also, stay tuned for a crowdfunding campaign at some point in March when we will release the trailer.

Oh and if you're a performer/Fringe person who wants to be included in the doc, feel free to contact me closer to April-May, or just walk up and talk to me at some point during the summer. I'll be the girl on roller skates with a camera crew so I'll be pretty hard to miss.