A Long December

After a bit of crash and burn at the end of November, I gratefully found myself looking at a slow December. The rehearsal schedule for Pop Fiction wouldn't be really heavy until January. I took three days where, with the exception of one coffee meeting, I didn't leave the apartment. While I still worked at my day job, there was some much needed rest and a whole lot of MasterChef. But after all that, I was starting to get a bit, shall we say, bored. Fortunately, the Universe heard my pleas and delivered big time. In addition to my light rehearsal schedule, I now find myself drafted as a mentor dramaturge for three young playwrights for the Youth Infringement Festival and an understudy for the Eddie May Holiday Show, You're a Dead Man, Charlie Brown.

If I was going to be a real-live Peanuts character, Lucy would be it.

Throw in the search for an assistant, as well as planning for next year and December has turned into one very busy month indeed.

As for the assistant search, it went better than I could have possibly imagined. Stay tuned!