I Have Staff!


Andrew Becraft via Compfight

Not that kind of staff....

You guys, this was tough. Really tough. About a dozen or so people contacted me within the first day of mentioning (not even a job posting) that I would be looking for someone to assist me in the new year. I was blown away by this response. Just incredible. And these applications weren't just from anyone. They were from some incredibly talented, experienced and motivated young professionals. If I had the funds, I could have built a team of epic proportions. Since the majority of the people interested were located in Ottawa, I whittled out folks from further away (I had to start cutting somewhere) and met with the rest.

After much consideration and listening to my gut, I finally selected two very strong candidates to work with me in 2014. Yup, I couldn't even just go with one that's how tough this decision-making process was.

I'm very pleased to announce that Jean-Pierre Dubois-Godin and Madeleine Hall will be joining my team respectively as Administrative Assistant and Production Assistant. They both bring a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and a real desire to work to their positions. JP's main focus will be on administrative duties, my upcoming newsletter and things related to Dolores/other French activities. Madeleine will be working with me on anything related to Roller Derby Saved My Soul, including sponsorship opportunities, touring and media relations.

I am very excited to have them onboard as this marks a turning point in my work as a producer and creator. Please join me in giving them a very warm welcome!