The Who in the What Now?

I'm pleased to announce that Evolution Theatre has been nominated in the Emerging Theatre Artist category for a Golden Cherry Award! That's fantastic!  That's phenomenal!  That's... wait a second, what are the Golden Cherry Awards?

I pride myself on being an incredibly well-informed individual when it comes to the professional performing arts scene in Ottawa.  I know what's going on within every theatre company (one small exception being what's up at the NAC, but I'm crawling my way in, just you watch me!) and on every film set.  I know who's doing what (or whom as the case may be), when and where things are happening, and how to get involved.  I know so much that I half expect people to come and ask me a favour on this, the day of my daughter's wedding.  I thought my ear was so thoroughly glued to the ground that you'd have to be careful not to trip over my head.

But with these awards I'm at a lost.  I've failed.

Well, technically, I didn't fail.  My vast and intricate network of spies has failed me.

Stupid spies!  Someone's head is going to roll.  Where the heck did I put my chainsaw?!?

Though while I'm at it, would someone care to explain to me just what exactly the Golden Cherry Awards are?  Purty please?