The Band-Aid Slowly Comes Off

I had a brilliant day yesterday. I got up at around 8 a.m. (which for me is sleeping in) and went for a run.  The weather was just gorgeous!  Once I was back home, I settled down in front of my computer with my perfect cup of coffee (the day's special was cappuccino) and started working on a variety of Playing Bare things like media reminders and program revisions.  Then I hopped in the shower before heading downtown.  There I met with a lovely lady who carries Iron Sticks (though not this day) just to bounce off some ideas and get a feel for story structure when writing a one-person show.  I followed that up with some shoe shopping with a friend for a fancy-schmancy gala I'm suppose to attend in two weeks and then more Evolution/Playing Bare stuff.  I ended my evening by reading through the script for my upcoming professional theatre debut and catching up on some TV shows I have sorely missed in the past few months.

Bliss, right?

My point for yammering on about all this:  Today I'm back at work and I can feel a distinct shift in my mood from the previous day.  I've gotten a lot done, but my thoughts keeps wandering to other, more important (in my mind anyway) things.

8 days and counting