Thank you, Toronto!


Wow. Just wow. You were a city filled with firsts: I have never sold out a run before and in Toronto I came very close to doing just that. I have never been in the Globe and Mail before and here I got some positive comments & a giant picture of myself with my leg up on a phone booth. I have also never had international producers not only come and see the show but tell me they have an active interest in bringing the show overseas. And I was worried...

With TO stage manager, Mikaela Dyke and choreographer Patricia Allison.

There were little hiccups of course, like having to pay for accommodations because we couldn't find a billet and needing to change locations 3 times within ten days, but those were minor quibbles. I'd much rather focus on the awesome stuff, like my brand new pair of roller skates which I will use exclusively for outdoor skating (ie marketing). And how excited I was to skate around the beer tent and up to my venue.

And now, we're back on the road. Heading to Winnipeg, with a pit stop on Manitoulin Island where the Gods of Timing have joined together to make sure that both Mump AND Smoot are in the same place at the same time in the small window we have between TO & the Peg.

But more on that in my next post. Stay tuned!