Our Documentary Still Needs Your Help!


As many of my regular readers know, we ran a successful Indiegogo Campaign in order to raise funds in order to produce a documentary about life On the Fringe. Thanks to 103 wonderful people, we were able to raise over $10,000! Making a movie is an expensive endeavour. Making a movie on the road costs even more. While I have done my best to keep costs low, we've already spent close to $10,000 on film equipment & insurance alone. So everything else like gas, accommodations and a stipend for my film crew is coming directly out of my own pocket. Pretty much all ticket and merchandise sales from Roller Derby Saved My Soul is going to fund the film. We've also had some additional unexpected expenses. For instance, I couldn't find us a billet in Toronto and so had to pay for additional accommodations. We recently also filled our 2TB hard drive. That's awesome because it means we have a ton of footage, but terrible in that I now had to buy a new one, along with a backup drive. Edmonton Fringe is quickly approaching. Since it is the biggest festival in North America, we've decided that it would be good to have an additional crew member on hand. The incredibly talented Randi Strickland will be joining us, but that means I have to cover transportation costs to bring her to us.

All this to say that quite a few people have approached me asking if we were still taking donations and the answer is of course a resounding yes! I've now received both cash and email money transfers from some more wonderful people and so I would like to send out some public and heartfelt thanks to the following people:

Jan Paskovitch Julia Mackey & Dirk van Stralen Brian Kitchell

But we don't just take cash. We are currently still looking for accommodations in Victoria. And some fine folks have been keeping us well supplied on the road through a selection of gift cards. Special thanks to Liz Watson and Christy Campbell for those!

Dear *Roadside Food & Beverage Service Provider*, please consider sponsoring our tour and you could get primo advertising like this!

If you would like to help in any way, financial or otherwise, please do not hesitate to send me an email to info at nancykenny dot ca.