Oh my poor neglected little blog. I'm afraid I'm going to have to neglect you for a bit longer. You see, here I am in Toronto and, after weeks of searching, I have found myself a job. You are looking at the new Interim Bilingual Online Communications Coordinator for the Ontario Arts Council. For the next 13 months, I will be back to the 9 to 5.

As you can possibly guess, I've been through a gamut of emotions about this ranging from joy at finally being able to pay off my credit card and learning about an important arts granting organization from the inside to sadness at the "does this mean I am no longer an actor" thoughts that keep running through my head.

Working for this organization means giving up on putting aside a lot of things for a year as I cannot directly be involved with groups who receive money from the OAC due to perceived conflicts of interest. That said, I've decided to take this year to study consistently (now that I will be able to afford classes), make connections in Toronto, and explore the film and television scene with more dept (like the student film I'm shooting this coming weekend). Oh and I will still be able to work on a play I have been dying to do since I first read the script in April 2012 in Ottawa since the project is not getting OAC funding.

It should also give me time to write a French translation of a play I would like to produce at some point in the next few years and polish things up on Roller Derby Saved My Soul.

But for now, I've decided to shut this blog down for a bit. Probably until the new year, maybe sooner, maybe later, I don't know... If I didn't need it for work and if it wasn't the only way for some people to reach me, I'd probably get rid of Facebook and Twitter too.

I just want a clean slate, you know? To start fresh and anonymously in a new city, to go out and do things for myself without the usual pressures I put on myself, to just live...

Until next time.