Goals - Small Steps

I've never been one to make To Do lists preferring the brilliant move of "I'm sure I won't forget THAT." And though I usually get through the stuff that involve other people that way, I realize that for my own projects it means I just keep putting it off to later. But when you write it down, when you have it in your face, I am so much more likely to deal with it. This past week, I had the pleasure I've being a guest speaker at the Ottawa Theatre School, talking about arts marketing with the third year graduating class. While there, the instructor had the students check-in by announcing their main artistic goal and telling us what they did yesterday to accomplish it and what they will do today.

This simple gesture resonated strongly with me and moved me like you would not believe. Here I was, wandering aimlessly, big projects in my head but mostly being lazy as to how to go about them, while these students where taking ACTION. And no, their goals would not be accomplished tomorrow, but they had broken it down and were taking the small steps needed to get there.

I felt humbled.

So this morning, I opened up a blank Word .doc and started writing down my goals. Then I wrote down everything that needed to be done to get there. I reviewed my list and started tackling the little things I could do right now. So far I've submitted a script to a play festival and I'm reworking bits of Roller Derby Saved My Soul, something that I wanted to get done right after the remount but never got around to doing.

And it feels good to scratch things off. It feels productive and gives me a little jolt inside my workaholic soul.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...