What's My Name Again?

I hate labels. The literal ones are often itchy and pop out inappropriately (kudos to the person who created washing instructions printed on the inside of the garment).  The figurative ones just make life so restricting.

I've never been good at using labels because as much as I like to think I love the safety and security of the box (especially when it comes with cushy pillows and pie... mmm pie), the truth is I just don't completely fit into one.

Take relationships: There's friends and acquaintances and various family members. Fine. But then, are we dating? Friends with benefits? Boyfriend/girlfriend? Lovers? Partners? Married? What do those things even mean anymore? Are you gay or straight? Do you fall somewhere in the middle?  What the heck do you call that? Can't we just love each other?

Why do I have to call it anything?

Take jobs: I'm an actor, marketer, writer, event planner, producer, grant writer, translator, fundraiser and a million other things all rolled into one.  Try to fit all that onto a business card.  (Though the versatile Susan Murphy once told me she uses the all-encompassing term of "wizard" which I think is absolutely brilliant even though I don't feel it applies to me.)

Even those can be broken down some more.  Marketing includes media relations, communications, promotions & publicity, social media... I've even gotten the question: "What kind of actor are you?" - Film or theatre? Comedy or drama? And for cryin' out loud even those can get more precise: Shakespeare & classical work, physical theatre, mask, clown & dance... where does stilt walking fit in to all that?

These days, it's where do you live now?  Ottawa or Toronto?

Do I have to answer that question? Well, no, I guess I don't have to, but the issue lies more in, again, I don't know how to. Why do I have to live in one place? Can't these cities be like divorced parents and I get to spend every second weekend and most holidays with one or the other?

It's a faulty metaphor, but I'm sure you get the idea.

Can't I just get a whackload of cash in order to have the ability to keep and travel between these two locations?  Yes, that would be the ideal.

Dear Universe, let's get on that, shall we?

Peace, love and gratitude.


Oh and if someone has a legitimate answer to the business card question, I am all ears!