Take the Lead

A few weeks ago, when I was on set for the feature film House at the End of the Street, the sound guy told us a story about his time working on the Super Dave Osborne show.  A lot of it filmed outside Toronto and, along with the typical stunts, they would have a concert of some kind. On this particular day, Ray Charles was the musical guest.  He would be playing with a local house band and backup singers.

During the sound check, though decent, the band was not at its best.  However, that did not stop Ray Charles.  He picked up the tempo and coached them through it all in what the sound guy described as the most magical performance he had ever witness.  His only regret being that no one was rolling at the time.


My point for this story?

Show of hands: How many times have you had an audition, a scene in class, or even a performance where you felt like the people you were working with weren't giving it their all?  How many times have you walked away thinking "I would have been so good if it hadn't been for that other guy/girl"?

How about if the next time sometime like that happens, instead of giving up and blaming the other person, you just work harder and raise them up to your level and go even higher together?  How about you don't wait for someone else to give you permission or do it for you?  How about you try and be a little more like Ray Charles?

How about if next time you take the lead?