Back on the Chain Gang

I'm back at work in an office today and I'm ok with that.  After a few months of craziness, it's nice to have just one thing to focus on... Ok, it's me we're talking about here, so I've got 2 or 3 things I'm focusing on, but that's still a much smaller number than before.  I've got a little over two weeks left at the Great Canadian Theatre Company before I fly off to the Calgary Fringe on July 27th. As much as I would love to consider myself a bohemian of sorts, I have to say it was nice to know exactly where I was going to be for a 6 month span of time and to get a regular paycheck.  Right now, I know I'm in Ottawa until the end of the month, then Calgary & Red Deer until I'm-not-sure-when... and when I get back, well, who knows?

I have some exciting meetings set up over the next couple of weeks that will decide my future prospects.  Stay tuned!