My Last Day at the Toronto Fringe

So I didn't blog as much as I had hoped too, but that's because I ended up being much busier than I could have possibly anticipated. I think my time in Toronto is exactly what I needed.  I saw some fabulous shows and a few duds - 16 shows in total.  I didn't get to see everything I had wanted to, obviously, but I did see a lot.  Highlights included Chris Craddock's Public Speaking, Morro and Jasp: Gone Wild!, Christel Bartelse's ONEymoon & The Shakespeare Show. I got to audit an acting class with my favorite teacher.  I spent time with friends I hadn't seen in a very long time, made some new connections, and learned all about another fringe festival happening in Canada. But best of all, I got my inspiration back.  I feel refreshed and ready to work harder than before.

Tomorrow, I'm back at the Great Canadian Theatre Company for another two weeks, I'm working for Odyssey Theatre, I've received some excellent news about Evolution Theatre, and I'm back to creating my own work.

I can't wait to see what comes up next!