Captain Ahab

Was Love

By Captain Ahab (seen in the Caprica episode - Gravedancing - free download here)

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The sun is rising, it's the end of the last night. The dawn is breaking us into pieces of you and me. If this is what you truly desire, I'll do what I can to help you. But as you gather your records, your books, and your clothes; I'll try to remind you: That all this time, the only thing I've wanted to teach you ... Was Love.

You carried me on your shoulders, never let me fall. You screamed in my face with a passion that humbled me. I thought I was singing a song of peace, but I started a war. And now as I suffer before your anger, Please try to realize that all my life, the only thing I wanted to teach you ... Was Love.

Was love the reason that everything fell apart? Or were you and I the ones to blame? No matter the cause, the only thing I wanted to teach you ... Was Love.

We stand together at the edge of time. Blame is meaningless. Life was meaningless. The only thing that ever existed ... (was love)