CanFit Pro

Oh Touring Life, What Have You Done To Me?

Before I went on tour, I had a personal trainer, I was working out 4 to 5 times a week, and I had roller derby practice on Sundays. Now, to be fair, the main reason I was working out so much was to be in shape for Roller Derby Saved My Soul, but something happened. I realized that I really enjoyed working out; fitness classes in particular. But more on that in a second. Being on tour, any working out went right out the window. It could be argues that I did plenty of walking and, yes, Roller Derby Saved My Soul was a workout in and of itself, but let's be honest. There's was plenty of greasy take-out food (forget about eating gluten-free) and plenty more booze. In Montreal, the festival gave us free drink tickets, but they were only good for beer, which I didn't drink anymore... I couldn't really turn down "free" could I?

By the time I had finished my acting class in New York City and was safely nestled within the family abode in Moncton, I had gained almost 15 pounds and felt super gross about it too. It was time to turn things around again.

I started taking a probiotic and going to the gym every. single. day. Easy enough to do since I love the instructors at the Goodlife in Dieppe/Moncton. Last year, their enthusiasm inspired me so much that I went out and got my Zumba Instructor Certification. Then I quickly realized that I still didn't know anything about fitness instruction and started working towards my CanFit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialization. Throughout the year, I had taken the course, passed the written exam and gotten my CPR/AED credentials. All that was left was my practical exam where I had to teach a 45 minute class for a CanFit Pro Instructor. How fitting then that it ended where it all began?

On my last day in Moncton, I passed my practical exam through the same instructor who inspired me from the very beginning. I am now a certified CanFit Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist. Oh and I've lost almost 10 pounds and feel fitter and personally think I look better than when I first began the tour.

So to my fellow Fringers out there feeling the post-tour drag, it is possible to turn it around. Three weeks people. You can do it!