Back to Me


Forgive me, Internet, it's been about a month and a half since my last post. After this whole summer, I just found myself getting more and more burnt out. I write this now from the family home in New Brunswick were I hope to recharge my batteries over the next month. That said, it hasn't all been watching Netflix and eating candy, though there has been plenty of that. I made it safely back to Ottawa after my cross-country road trip to return my wonderful Hunt Club VW Passat (sniffle), but the travelling didn't stop there. Part of my journey took me to Los Angeles for the very first time where I attended an incredibly inspiring and work redefining acting class through Lonsdale Smith Studios (their website is being updated but email them for information on classes in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York. You will not regret it!) and helped me lay some groundwork for future distribution of On the FringeI also ended up back in Toronto where I sold the furniture I had in storage and finally let go of my storage locker since it doesn't look like I will be settling there again any time soon - though when am I really going to settle, that's a different story.

I'm nerding out so hard right now.

I find myself reading a lot of books these days, which is so great. I recently finished off the Steve Jobs biography, which had my synapses firing with ideas about design, branding and marketing (something I am very much going to be pushing in the near future for Broken Turtle Productions and the film) and I recently started on Amanda Palmer's book, The Art of Asking. Which is another great read for any entrepreneurial artists out there. On deck, I've also got Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull, one of Jobs' co-founders at Pixar and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. It feels like forever since I've read a whole book and all this non-fiction from successful people has really been inspiring me to think bigger.

I hope this month will be a chill one as I lay the ground work for all the cool projects I've got running through my head. Lots of writing coming up, budget work on the film for post-production, searching for a marketing agency, ect. And of course, family time.

I also plan to be back to blogging a bit more so stay tuned!