Nancy's Must-See List at the 2014 Calgary Fringe Festival


I never got around to doing a Must-See list for the Winnipeg Fringe because, with over 160 shows, there were just too many that I wanted to see for me to write about. I honestly couldn't narrow the list down. Now in Calgary, with 27 shows in the festival, that list is much more manageable. We're now half-way through the festival so I have seen most of these by now and can pretty much guarantee you a good time at the theatre. So without further ado, you should see:

Roller Derby Saved My Soul


Promise and Promiscuity: a new musical by Jane Austen and Penny Ashton

Probably one of my favorite shows from the Winnipeg Fringe this summer. You don't have to be a Jane Austen fan to love this one.

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander: Sideshows and Psychics

Just saw this one a few nights ago and it was not what I expected. Come for the magic, but stay for the wicked cool story.

Kitt & Jane: an interactive survival guide to the near post-apocalyptic future

Consistently on my list of shows to see regardless of the festival you find yourself at.

The Dark Fantastic

Probably my favorite of all Martin Dockery's solo shows. This is the one that made me realize he is not only a great story-teller but an incredible artist as well.


One of my favorite shows from the Montreal Fringe. Simply gorgeous. Watch out for the dust in your eyes. *sniffle*

Who Killed Gertrude Crump?

Little know fact, I was a huge Agatha Christie fan growing up. And then there were none remains one of my favorite books. So a show based on her stories, along with the divine Tara Travis AND puppets? No brainer. Also NO SPOILERS!

The Sama Kutra

Met these clowns on Manitoulin Island. Any show directed by Mike Kennard is tops in my books.


Rob Gee is one of my favorite people on the Fringe. His show Fruitcake consistently sells out on tour. Looking forward to checking out his other work.

A Mind Full of Dopamine

Heard amazing things about this one in Ottawa and Rory Ledbetter is one of the best people you can meet on the circuit. Add to it that I have a personal connection to the source material which makes this show tops on my list.

Chase & Stacey's Joyride

Chase Padgett is that genius behind 6 Guitars & Nashville Hurricane. Stacey Hallal is the sassy improviser who toured last year with Ruby Rocket. Together they are a dynamite team who are sure to make you smile.

The Balding

All the way from Montreal, you will cringe-laugh through this show in the best way possible.

Oh and one little bonus: on Thursday I head out to Cochrane, just outside Calgary, to perform a one-night only presentation of Roller Derby Saved My Soul at an event called Fringe on the Ranche. This double-bill includes my show as well as Me and My Monkey. I will be seeing that show there that night, but you can also catch it at the Calgary Fringe for a few more days.

If you have any favorites, be sure to let me know what to see in the comment section below!