Are You Ready For This? No, Not Really.


Holy shit. It's mid-August already? After the sheer busy-ness that was the Winnipeg Fringe, Calgary was a much welcome breather. Calgary was probably my smallest festival on the circuit; only 27 shows and nothing starting before 5pm on weekdays. The staff/volunteers are amazing, I met some incredible roller derby peeps and I even had a great opportunity to perform a one-night only in Cochrane. I also got my weakest reviews for the show from the mainstream print media and the rest of my houses were definitely on the smaller side of what I was used to. That said, I did sell out one performance in a 116 seat venue, got a lovely 5 star review from a local blogger, and met up with some local producers who might want to bring in the show next year. So, all in all, the experience was a positive one.

Plus, I got to spend a day in Banff where apparently my ass has never looked better in shorts.

But the adventure continues and after a 3 hour drive, we find ourselves in Edmonton, days before the biggest festival on the circuit. And I... don't feel ready one bit. I feel like I've missed important deadlines, I've got no media coverage whatsoever and my posters and flyers aren't ready yet.

I'm incredibly grateful for my beautiful billet's home, which is offering me an oasis in what I'm building up to be a giant storm. I need to remember to breathe, to stay healthy, and to have fun. I think that last one is the most important one for me right now. This thing I'm doing? These people I'm seeing? This is fun.

If you see me around this week, just remind me of that once in a while, ok?

Ready... Set... Fringe!