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Two years ago, I was 'forced' to register for a business number when I was hired to work as a contractor for a major transportation company. I remember feeling trepidation at the time. This was going to be complicated and a bit of a hassle. I was going to have to keep much better track of my receipts and bill for things like HST. Ugh, taxes and the man, am I right?

Two years later and I now realize that this was a major stepping stone in my growth as an artist-entrepreneur. That little 9 digit number is opening up a world of possibilities for me; possibilities that include this new little thing called payroll.

I had a meeting today with my local Employer Services Bureau to discuss Youth Employment funding. This meeting would not be possible if I wasn't already registered as a business. The fund, offered by the Government of Ontario, will help subsidize my new staff, enabling me to offer more hours and a higher rate of pay.

I am beyond excited!

During my meeting, I was asked when I first decided to start my own business. I wouldn't say it was an active decision, more something that just organically happened over the years, but it's exciting and it feels right. I am both in control and letting things go. I'm creating work opportunities in my community and helping future artpreneurs (Is that a word? Can I make it a real word?) develop and grow.

Well, shit. Ain't that something?