Welcome to Edmonton

After 3 nights and two days on the train, I arrived in Edmonton. My old Ottawa pal, Kris Joseph, was up bright and early to meet me. Since then I've had a lovely walking tour of the city and checked in to the Edmonton Fringe in order to get my artist package. I'm doing final tweaks on the sound and costume design, putting together the program, and successfully teched my show. In fact, I would like to give a huge shout out to my venue techs at Venue 4 - Academy at King Edward School for being so awesome. Biggest Fringe program I've ever seen.

But despite all that, I am stressing the hell out. My posters and flyers should have arrived last Friday. It is now Tuesday morning and, after multiple phone calls and "guarantees" from UPS, they still haven't arrived. I'm now wondering if I should wait longer or start calling local print shops to do a new batch, which is an expense that I haven't budgeted for. I think I could still do ok without the posters, especially since so many wall spaces around the festival grounds are already taken, but without flyers to promote the show... Is anyone going to come?

This is my first time at the Edmonton Fringe. Roller Derby Saved My Soul is a great show. I just want it all to go well, you know?