Moving Along

The Ottawa Fringe Festival has come and gone, and I will have a full recap of Dolores in the next few days once I get my final numbers, but all in all, it was a very positive experience. I saw only 6 shows this year, way down from my usual 20 to 35, but I found myself with a very busy performance schedule and a slew of computer issues that kept me preoccupied during most of the run. With this year's Canada Day a thing of the past, I throw myself back into work. So much to be done. Along with the Dolores wrap-up, I'm prepping to take Roller Derby Saved My Soul on the road. Upcoming cities include Montreal, Edmonton and Halifax, but I may very well be doing a few performances for the fine folks in Ottawa. Details are falling into place as I type this, so please stay tuned. Or you can always sign up for my new MailChimp newsletter here:

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