Nancy Get Your Gun

BrickArms Lewis gun and Brodie helmet prototypes Andrew Becraft via Compfight

I've never been a fan of guns. They've just never been my thing. I've never had any interest in hunting and, if video games are any indication, I suck at shooting moving objects. And frankly, at the end of the day, I've just always found guns to be a bit scary. But in the wacky and wonderful world of film and TV, guns make some fairly regular appearances and if I want to portray the characters using them truthfully...

My upcoming production of Dolores at the Ottawa Fringe does include the use of a firearm. It doesn't go off, but it's there and the Fringe had some pretty strict regulations in the Performer's Handbook with regards to using firearms on stage. So, after a lot of research and negotiations, I spent the past weekend taking the Canadian Firearms Safety Certification and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Certification. I will probably upgrade the certification to a Possession and Acquisitions Licence (PAL) a little later in the year too, even though I have no intention of ever purchasing a gun. It turns out many unionizes theatres require it if your show includes a firearm and, since I want to tour Dolores after Fringe, I don't want to go through a situation where I may have to compromise my show because I just don't have the right coverage.

Nancy Kenny: Armed, but not really Dangerous