Are YOU Ready for an Adventure?

Hopefully, I make it there ok. Churchill the Cat is a terrible navigator and kept falling off the dashboard. Greetings from the very sexy ON Route in Port Hope (ON)!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty stressed out. I still felt like I had a ton of things to pack. But by the time I had the U-Haul in my possession, my bed was quickly dismantled and my (now "old" sniffle) roommate was force feeding me some delicious egg-y goodness before my friend showed up to help me out.

I'm terrible. I never ask for help even when I know I probably desperately need it, but the Universe took care of that by sending me an awesome strong friend who actually offered to assist me in my move. Seriously, I think this qualifies as one of the first steps towards sainthood because who does that? No one ever offers to help you move unless it's to tell you how much they wish they could help you but are busy that day. I know, because I am always busy that day. But thanks to him, my stuff was out of the apartment & into storage in less than 2 real life Tetris hours. My hero!

And just like that, I was saying goodbye to one more chapter in my life.

You have no idea how much I'll miss this view.

With the sun setting at my back, CBC Radio 2 had me with The Velvet Underground & Sweet Jane. I looked out at the 401 parking lot stretched out before me and I laughed. I'll get to where I'm going in good time. Right now, it feels like a giant weight has been lifted and I'm off on a wonderful adventure.

Leave the porch light on, Toronto, you haven't seen the last of me yet. And open those arms wide, Ottawa, your baby's coming home.