Cold Night, Hot Theatre

It was -3 when I left Toronto yesterday morning and -24 when I arrived in Ottawa four hours later. But at the risk of plagiarizing myself, just like last year, the best way to fight a cold snap in Ottawa is with some red hot theatre. They're not kidding when they say the undercurrents festival has "Ottawa’s hottest plays at the coldest time of the year." Have you seen the line-up? (Seriously, have you? Click that link if you haven't!)

The festival started earlier this week and it's been really hard for me not to read some reviews and get spoilers on all 6 shows... I'm sorry did I say 6? Ooooooh! It seems the little undercurrents festival is growing and possibly taking a page out of the Next Stage Theatre Festival's book by hosting a show in the Great Canadian Theatre's Festival lobby.

With one of my favorite publicity photos ever by Andrew Alexander

Of course, this means I'm going to have to catch them all!

As for my viewing schedule, feel free to join me at the following: Friday, February 8 7:45 pm Little Iliad - a show that played at World Stage Toronto, and you all know how I feel about those guys! 8:30 pm BREAD - the lobby show with the awesome photo 9:00 pm Little Orange Man - saw it at the Calgary Fringe in 2010 when it was still called Gnomeward Bound. It was one of the most fringetastic things I had ever seen and I look forward to findin gout how the show has progressed.

Saturday, February 9 3:00 pm Ladies of the Lake - the brilliant Catriona Leger & Kate Smith premiere a new work at the festival. With pedigree this strong, you know you're in for something special. 7:00 pm SKIN - take everything I just said about Ladies of the Lake and add a few more lady chromosones. Deluxe Hot Sauces' new work has been getting a lot of buzz for shaking people up and I'm the type of gal who likes to be shook. 9:00 pm The Public Servant - a show from the incredibly talented folks behind Theatre Columbus in Toronto and featuring Ottawa's own Sarah McVie. The show is already selling out, which isn't much of a surprise in Ottawa.

Sunday, February 10 1:00 pm Hip-Hop Shakespeare - Shakepeare! Hip-Hop! There is no way this could go wrong! This is a show I missed at last year's Ottawa Fringe and I am thrilled for the opportunity to correct that mistake.

What will you be seeing?