hbw | happy (custom) bokeh wednesday

Adam Foster via Compfight

I really want someone to approach me and say: "I think you're a great actor. Here's this play/movie/TV show/web series/whatever that I am working on. And here's some money. Will you work with me on my project?" Then they actually follow through with the aforementioned project and it's great. Unfortunately, I don't think I've ever had that scenario happen to me. Sure, people have asked me to work on something, but usually the project never gets off the ground.

Fine. I'll do it myself then. Again. Some more.

I'm currently knee deep in festival applications. I just handed one in for Roller Derby Saved My Soul today and have another one due next week. I'm searching for a site-specific venue in Ottawa & Toronto so I can produce a play that I translated into French at the Fringe (BTW, if anyone has access to a domestic looking kitchen near Fringe grounds that would make a great site-specific venue, please contact me for more details). I'm also filling out applications for a brand-spanking new show that I'm writing.

And trust me, I'm not complaining (much). I'm proud to be producing my own work and the control freak in me relishes the opportunity to do everything myself. But I am tired, so very tired of doing all this admin work.

That's the dream: to have someone else take the reigns on some amazing project and all I have to worry about is creation.

One day?