We're Going to Edmonton!

Both the Edmonton & Toronto Fringe lotteries were held last night. I didn't get in to Toronto. In fact, much like that time I applied for Edmonton in 2008, I wasn't even selected for the wait-list. With 334 applications and only 53 spots for the Ontario 60 minute slots, the odds, as they say, were ever not in my favour. But Edmonton! Oh Edmonton! How you've decided to be good to me this year! Broken Turtle Productions' Roller Derby Saved My Soul was drawn 6th for the National list.

Getting into Edmonton means that I will definitely be applying for Winnipeg & Calgary Fringes now. Even if I don't get into those other two, Edmonton, who prides itself as the oldest, biggest, baddest Fringe on the Canadian circuit is still a totally viable one-off opportunity.

I've never participated in the Edmonton Fringe before and I can't help feeling a little scared about it all (see: oldest, biggest baddest Fringe comment). I just assume that their audience are these super Fringe connoisseurs who, unlike my über-connoisseur Fringe pal The Visitorium, won't be as enamored by my little show on roller skates. In my head they all wear monocles, look like the Monopoly guy & will tut tut at my Buffy the Vampire Slayer references. ("Do Edmontonians even know what comic books are?" says the girl from the Maritimes.)

The English Gentleman

Monocle via Compfight

Of course, deep down I know this is silly talk. After all, Edmonton is home to the deliciously named E-Ville Roller Derby League, as well as the Oil City Derby Girls, so you know there will be good company.

(Sidebar - True story for those who've seen the show: back when RDSMS was just an idea in the back of my head, I attended a Roller Derby boot camp in Red Deer, AB. Met a lot of cool cats from the prairies, including a lady with a sword tattooed on her chest. I really did tell her I didn't mean to stare at her boobs and she really did say "If I didn't want people to stare, I wouldn't have gotten one there.")


Paolo Marconi via Compfight

So, all in all, I am very excited for what's in store with #RDSMS. Fingers crossed that more festivals will be coming up as well!