Saving Your Voice

When I first walked into the space where I will be performing Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety, I was worried about my voice. The space felt big and echo-y, I talk a heck of a lot and my voice has been out of theatre shape for a few months. But after a few days, things seemed to fall into place. Until today. It could be stress, fatigue, or play ol' sickness, but I woke up with a pretty sore throat this morning. So, in the spirit of not panicking, I took to Twitter instead. Here, in no particular order, are some tips and tricks I have now picked up from some pretty swell people online. If you have your own tips, please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

@jpduboisgodin: Don't force your voice, let it come naturally; use only enough air as you need; don't speak in throat voice, use the "mask". Direct your voice to the front of your face, don't hold it back. Air in through the nose, out through the mouth; do warm up exercises; stretch; sing.
@mikaeladyke: stop talking. Honey, Gargle olive oil, steam your vocal chords
@krisjoseph: Rest. Hydrate. Repeat.
@BrianMCarroll: 1) warmups 2) hot water and honey 3) abdominal breathing while performing 4) relaxation exercises before performing. Use the body resonators (skull, sinuses, chest, abdomen) rather than vocal chords to project.
@_DefyGravity23: garlic boosts the immune system, lemon and honey sooth :) Halls vitamin C droplets are awesome when not at home.
@maxlroze: fishermans friend. Period.
@dloehr: Ricola, warm tea.
@tenbruggencate: gargle liquid calcium. Plus lots of lemon tea with honey #liquids
@HeatherInOttawa: I stayed away from hot and cold drinks prior to shows or recitals, and only drank warm or room temperature. My voice teacher recommended that. I don't actually know if it's legit or not!
And although  there isn't a prize for best advice tweet...
@AlixSideris: keep lubricated ... f'you know what I mean


DOUBLE BILL: Mary Magdalene and Adventures in Sobriety and [boxhead] 

Arts Court Theatre  2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa, ON 

April 18th to 28th, 2012 – 7:30 p.m.  Pay What You Can Matinee: Sunday April 22nd – 2 p.m.  (no show on Monday)  Tickets $25, $20 for Students/Seniors  Available by phone by calling Arts Court at 613-564-7240