One Is the Loneliest Number

I got used to a Fringe Festival Production schedule: 15 minutes prior to your show actually starting, you get to go into the venue - maybe 20-25 if the show before you ended early and you have a nice technician - but pretty much 15 minutes is all you've got to get dressed, set up your stage and put on a show. Opening night in Arts Court, we still had plenty of work to do. I taped the floor with my stage manager, took a few spins around the new floor, checked out some blocking and lighting cues, puttered around with my director over certain parts of the script, before finally getting dressed, putting on makeup, fixing my hair, ect. Time flew by pretty quickly.

But last night, everything was already set and good to go. So I arrive super early in order to avoid rush hour traffic, warm up, start getting ready and then... wait. And wait. Alone in the dressing room. And wait some more.

In a regular show, I'd probably have a little chat with my other cast members. We might do a warm-up together or run lines. But this is not a regular show. It's just me. And though every once in a while I can chat with my stage manager, he's busy doing other things.

So, I'm lonely. And kind of bored.

Maybe tonight I'll just come in a bit later...

Last chance to see Roller Derby Saved My Soul in Ottawa tonight!