Chalk It Up To Experience

Before getting on the bus to Hamilton yesterday, I was pretty nervous. New city. New venue. New Stage Manager. But as soon as we got there, I was immediately put at ease by the friendly Volunteer Coordinator and our awesome venue technician. The space is very similar to the one I had in Calgary last year with The Last Goddamned Performance Piece, and I gained massive respect for our young technician when she told us that she has built this space from the ground up for the past two years. We are definitely going to be in good hands.

As a performer, I never have to deal with Q2Qs, levels, and other technical junk. I walk out, stand where I'm needed and say something when asked. However, since my SM had never seen the show before, all of this stuff would fall to me. It's a good thing then that through all my years in the theatre I seem to have been paying attention.

At one point, I giggled to myself as I sat in the audience staring at the lights on stage saying things like: "Could you bring the back lights down 20%?" and "Take out the purples but give me some red."

Alright, I'm not a lighting designer, but I do know what will work for Fringe and I felt pretty proud about that. Even a few sound issues didn't phase me. We set up a backup plan with what we had and then I went home and, with the help of my awesome sound designer, fixed everything up on my computer.

We finished on time and then my SM and I celebrated in a little Cafe at the GO Station before heading back to Toronto.

Hamilton, are you ready for this?