I know some of you out there don't really care for this internet/social media bubble I live in. You don't want people to know everything you're doing/thinking 24/7. It's too much work. Is anybody even listening? I get it. I really do. Though I check my blog stats all the time from time to time and see people are reading, there are days when I don't know if anyone is ever really listening.

And then there are days when I know that they do.

As most of you should know by now, I'm doing a show at the Ottawa Fringe Festival called Roller Derby Saved My Soul. What you may not know (unless you've been a longtime stalker reader of this blog) is that the show title was taken from a song by Uncle Leon and the Alibis.


Well, thanks to the power of the interwebs my little pre-Fringe interview with the Adorkable Nadine Thornhill caught the attention of Uncle Leon himself. He commented today:

Nice. Please tell Nancy to let me know when the show comes to New York City. So I can sue her ass off… I mean, come see it. Derby Love, Leon Uncle Leon and the Alibis

*cough* Copyright does not protect names, titles, slogans, or short phrases. *cough*

Now, of course, I did have my doubts. Someone, possibly Nadine, could just be fucking with me. But then, Uncle Leon (if that's his real name) left me his own comments which led to the band's website. I could not be making this shit up.

Can I just say I feel really good that I actually went on iTunes and bought the song legitimately? Phew. Dodged that bullet. And you can too!

BONUS: THEY HAVE T-SHIRTS! I was totally planning on getting Roller Derby Saved My Soul type merchandise. Their stuff is super cheap (and I am seriously considering those booty shorts) so I think I may have to do a little shopping for myself and the crew - for advertisement purposes of course.

Though the show hasn't even premiered yet, for the first time ever I'm seriously considering the Frigid Festival in New York next year. I've never been to the Big Apple and it's been a dream of mine for years. What better way to do it than with my own show?

In the meantime, head on over to see Uncle Leon and download his new album for FREE - including a really kick ass, garage country, live cover of Baby Got Back.