Roller Derby Saved My Opening

Well, after all this time, all this hard work, Roller Derby Saved My Soul opened to a packed house at the Ottawa Fringe Festival. And it was better than I could have possibly imagined! The audience seemed to really enjoy it, people I love and respect had great things to say and one media person told me it was the best thing he had seen so far!

And my shirt from Uncle Leon arrived!

This was such a labour of love and I really can't thank Nick and Tania enough for everything they've done for me. This is as much their show as it is mine. And it's only going to get better!

Spending the morning fixing up some minor tech stuff and going over my script before my 3:30 p.m. performance. Then it's a big day of Fringing for me!

See you at the tent!

Roller Derby Saved My Soul runs for 6 performances between June 17 to 27 throughout the Ottawa Fringe Festival.