The Violent Wind Blew the Wires Away

I've been wanting to blog for a while now, but the Month of May has been one crazy busy adventure so far. I quit a job, only to quickly get hired for another. I started and ended a school tour. My theatre company opened what is probably our most successful show to date (a success we mostly attribute to the ability to purchase tickets online - but more on that in another post). I did promotion work, as well as standardized patient work. Saw some shows and had some great auditions. I went on an emotional roller coaster into a past filled with what ifs and coulda beens and, oh yeah, I celebrated my entrance into a new decade, not so much with a bang as a snotty, sobby, little whimper. Yeah, it was my birthday last week.

But all in all, things are good and the future looks bright. Post-London, I've started rehearsals for my upcoming Ottawa Fringe Festival show, Roller Derby Saved My Soul. Now that the high from my pseudo-workshop presentation has worn off, it's time to get to work. Stressful, stressful work. As most Fringe artists do, I wear three separate hats for this project: actor, writer and producer.

Currently, I've already spent close to $800 on this show in Fringe fees, publicity photos & rehearsal space. My director would like a good 40 hours of rehearsal throughout the next month. Since my show takes place on roller skates, this negates the possibility of rehearsing in a living room or other such area. This means I have to rent something. The basic cost of renting space is somewhere between $10 to $12 an hour. If you do the math, that means I need at least $400 in rehearsal space alone. And that's not factoring things like printing of posters, props/costumes/sets/lights, union insurance... fuggetabout paying my director and stage manager or even myself.

Yes, once ticket sales start coming in, it will cover a lot of my initial costs, but right now, I'm really not sure how I'm going to manage. This is all coming out of pocket. My very strapped hobo pockets.

So, this is where I'm asking for some help. It was my birthday last week, but I didn't have a party and I don't drink anymore. In celebration of this new year in my life, if you wanted to take me out, buy me a drink or take me for lunch or something, I have a better idea. Please consider donating that amount of money towards my upcoming Fringe show. Trust me, it will be put to good use.