Post Play Depression

I just want to play World of Warcraft. My Dranei Shaman just passed the level 60 mark and I bought a flying mount.

I'm giving you all a minute for my extreme level of nerdom to sink in.


We good? Ok. I used to play, years ago, with my ex-boyfriend. When I started heading down to Toronto, my roommate was playing. He bought his wife an account but she wasn't using it. It took maybe a day for him to mention it enough for me to start playing again.

I love the game because I can completely tune out anything happening with me or the outside world.


Little Martyrs closed last week. It was probably the most fulfilling production for me to work on both as an artist and as an administrator. I've talked about Show Withdrawal before. Since I started feeling sick and slept for almost 24 hours immediately after the show, I figured I had passed through the withdrawal phase. I did a reading for a new French play, packed up my stuff and headed down to Toronto for an audition.

Something was nagging at me though. I didn't feel like working out anymore. My sleep was shite. So I logged on. I played for an entire day. The next one I unpacked, only to find out I needed to head back to Ottawa for a callback audition.

Maybe it was seeing the Little Martyrs cast all over again. Maybe it was having a chat with one of the beautiful ladies from The Importance of Being Ernest, which had closed the night before, who coined the term "PPD or Post Play Depression"... But when I woke up Monday morning it hit me like a ton of bricks: a weight of sadness. I just laid there for a while.

I got up because I had grants to write. That done, I managed to get pissed off enough to go run at the gym, beating my personal best. Then I went to my coaching workshop with Barbara Deutsch. I cried during my check in.

And then I felt better. Motivated. Ready to take on the world. More like me.

PPD - 0 / Nancy - 1 / WoW - 61