Just Shoot Me Now

The last time I wrote a play, I was torn apart by the critics, lost my shirt (metaphorically) and my best friend (literally). So you can probably understand why writing a new play terrifies, nay petrifies me. Though I've been talking and talking about it, my show about Roller Derby, lets be brutally honest here, is barely past the concept stage. Because every time I want to get something done, I freeze. Or something comes up. I need to do just one more hour of data entry for the GCTC. I need to create a better chart for Odyssey Theatre. Hey, a benefit performance for Evolution Theatre's next show sounds like an amazing idea! Let's do that! Please. More work. More distractions. Get so exhausted that I can't even focus my mind, let alone write something coherent. Theatrical. Let's do anything and everything except write a godforsaken play that will probably suck balls and tarnish any goodwill I have built up as an artist.


People have been asking me how it's coming along and I want to throw up in my mouth a little. I can't even look you in the eye. I want to run away, hide in a deep cavern, preferably underwater, never to be heard from again. Because for some reason there are people out there who actually believe I can do this. People who have donated time and money and encouragement. To me, those people must be fucking crazy. I feel so very unworthy of those people.

But the safety bar has come down, the ride has started its slow ascent up that giant hill and it doesn't give a shit whether or not I'm scared of heights. There's no getting off now. My money has been handed in, scheduling is currently underway and, like it or not, I've got deadlines that demand to be respected.

So, you heard it here first:

Roller Derby Saved My Soul By Nancy Kenny Directed by Christopher Bedford

Big Comedy Go-To - London, Ontario April 23, 2011 - 7pm

Ottawa Fringe Festival - Ottawa, Ontario June 16-26, 2011

Venues and Times TBC