Drop It Like It's Hot

I'm in Ottawa. At work. In a few hours I should be on a train heading towards Toronto. I've got a meeting scheduled with the playwright for Evolution Theatre's next show (details soon!) in the Big Smoke, as well as rehearsal and the shoot for a student film this week. Then I get the call: "Can you be in Montreal tomorrow for a TV Pilot audition?" I never realized that Pilot Season extended all the way into Canada, but there you have it.

So I act quickly. Cancel the train ticket to TO. Reschedule my meetings. Find a place to stay in Ottawa for an extra night. Book a bus ticket to Montreal. Print the sides and my resume. Grab all the work I need to take with me. Do laundry I thought I'd be doing in Toronto because I need something to wear to the audition.

I know I must seem insane. What I am doing is not "normal" and even fellow performers think it's nutz. I can't even begin to think what I would do if I had a kid to take care of on top of that. I don't even know how I could possibly get myself a boyfriend throughout all of this. I mean, are there handsome, funny, charming, ambitious, driven & arts friendly guys out there who could deal with seeing their lady friend on a fairly irregular basis? If there are, I am taking applications.

But I do it. I drop everything. I make it work. Somehow. Go big or go home.