I'm exhausted.  I had a particularly difficult acting class tonight.  In the scene, I confront the woman I suspect is having an affair with my fiancé who just postponed the wedding earlier that night.  It was emotional and physically draining and at the end of it all I felt like had climbed a mountain or run a particularly gruelling race.  And it made me realize how much I've neglected my workout routine. Basically, I didn't have the stamina and my body was collapsing on me.

With all the travelling, the move, the weird hours and overnight shoots, I haven't been very good to myself.  A lack of physical activity, bad eating habits, and inadequate hydration have lead to one sluggish Nancy.  It's hard to get into a routine when your life revolves around uncertainty, but as actors, we really need to take proper care of our instrument. It's not like a guitar or a paintbrush where if one breaks you could always get a new one.

So, I need to go to sleep now.  Plenty of rest and water so I can get up at a decent hour.  There's lots of work to be done.