Stuff, Stuff Everywhere

There's been interest in my ad to rent my condo. This means I have doubled my efforts to get the place spotless and move-in ready.  Part of me just wants to chuck everything and not worry about it anymore.  I've got a drawer filled with old or broken computer equipment.  What do I do with all these old computer games?  How about a bin filled with CDs I never listen to anymore?  What the F am I suppose to do with all that stuff???  Would someone even buy it? It seems like such a hassle to research, catalogue, price point and sell all this old stuff.  It's also more difficult when you don't have a camera.  Part of me wants to just chuck it all and not worry about it anymore.  But then the environmental and cheap parts of me (respectively) want me to do something about it.

There's also a crapload of papers everywhere.  Old receipts, bills, marketing & show ideas, books & magazines... What do I do with it all?  Again, I'd just like to find an industrial garbage bin and throw it all inside, but I don't think Revenue Canada would be happy about that.

And then there's clothes. I haven't worn this in a while, but you know, I might.  Dresses & business attire: of course I haven't worn any of that, I don't have a "real" job to go to.  Old coats & gym clothes... T-shirts from events I've participated in... What about a blazer that makes me look butch? I might have to play a part like that one day.


Anyone have any boxes I could use?  Anyone want to help me pack?