One Fringe

You have to enjoy being alone. Sure, there are people with me to put on a show, but at the end of the day it really comes down to one.

One on one interactions with the public to try and charm them into thinking your show is THE ONE THING you do not want to miss at this festival.  Listen, pay attention to what they are saying and how they respond so that your pitch does not become robotic and mechanical.

And then, run.  To the next venue. Pit stop along the way because you notice this prime section of fence that does not have a poster on it. One more poster on the wall.

Lather, rince, repeat. Once again.

Connections.  It's all about connections.  Say hi to the volunteers. The board members. Anyone in a funky black t-shirt with backwards writing.  Introduce yourself. Learn their names. Remember their names. One more name.

This festival likes hugs.  The executive producer doesn't want to shake your hand. She will give you a hug. I believe handshakes are for diplomats and business associates. She's my kind of gal.  One more hug.

Go see your friend's show.  Be supportive. Laugh hard.  Don't forget to flyer on the way out. One more flyer.

Run lines. Remember the lines. Forget about the lines. The lines are not the show. Breathe. Try not to puke. One opening night. Tonight.

One more Fringe underway.  Are we having fun yet?