Calgary - Day 1

At my billet's house, waiting for the shower (who knew boys took so long?) after a really great morning run.

So far so good.  We're a stone's throw away from the Calgary Fringe Festival area, though I don't know if this festival has a beer gardens or a festival plaza of sorts where people gather.  We have our technical rehearsal this afternoon, though the Fringe doesn't start until Friday.

My first show is this Saturday at 7 pm - here are the details if you happen to be in town.

There's four of us living together with one billet who works lots and won't be around much.  The place comes with free WiFi courtesy of the nice landlady upstairs, which is great.  I don't need much, but I do need my interweb.

Though I haven't met anyone from the Fringe yet, I've been very impressed with their web presence.  They've got a good looking website, they are all up to date on their social media stuff and, best of all, they've got their own iPhone app!

My one minor complaint (and since the festival is really small, it is fairly minor) is that there is no venue map anywhere.  Not online, not in the printed program, and not even on the app.  If anyone from the Fringe reads this and would like to have a chat about additional functions, please feel free to get in touch with me. I love talking web!

Coming soon: my 2010 Calgary Fringe Festival MUST SEE List!