Not Missing Out

Following up on my list of shows that I don't want to miss at the Ottawa Fringe Festival this year, I wanted to add a few comments. First of all, you may have noticed a heavy number of local productions. This is not because I think any less of the touring shows. I hope to see lots of local work in Ottawa because that's pretty much the only way I would ever get to see it. I'll be at the Toronto, Calgary and possible Edmonton Fringes this summer and so will most of the touring performers. I'll get to see those shows on the road, if I haven't already. Stay tuned in the coming months for what I hope to see at those festivals as well.

Also, as I go through my Fringe availability schedule, one show has actually stood out in the "must-see" category that I had not previously added to the list. It's called Heroes Past & Present. This is another local show in BYOV #7 - The Ottawa Public Library (I think this venue is a first for the festival - someone correct me if I'm wrong). It's a cute little amphitheatre.

I don't know the people involved with this production, which surprises me. It has puppets, which also intrigues me, but that's not the only reason I'm going to check it out. No. The reason this show is now on my radar has to do with the times it goes up. The show has 11 a.m. performances!

I have no idea if he or she will get a crowd, but that time slot is absolutely perfect for me! With my crazy schedule and unwavering need to "see everything" day times are the best!

With the Ottawa Fringe on a continuous growth spurt, will we be moving towards more day possibilities like the rest of the country? Or is this city just too much of a government town to care?