The audition breakdowns for theatre are all the same: "Please come prepared with two contrasting monologues." Sometimes, they might jazz it up a bit: "One of them should be Canadian." "One of them should be classical." "One of them should involve an intergalactic bunny."

Whatever. It all boils down to the same thing. If the breakdowns all ask for two monologues, why the fuck do you wait until you've "got" an audition to learn one (or *gasp* two!)?

I had an audition today. The first thing they wanted was for me to read through a section of the script. This is usually my favorite type of audition: the cold read. However, this cold read needed to include an accent for which I am not the greatest at learning in four days. I would say that bit of my audition was merely "Ok". I'm not bummed though because I took direction well and had fun with it.

Then, I had to present a monologue.

My feelings suddenly changed from that was merely Ok to that was frickin' awesome in 3.2 seconds.

You see, I know my monologue. I've used it as an audition piece many times now. I've received coaching from great teachers and feel it all the way down to my core.

In other words, I was prepared.

With preparation comes confidence, with confidence comes fun, with fun comes an enjoyable audition experience (both for you and the people watching).

When you know that a dozen or more people might be auditioning for the same part as you, why would you give yourself only a few days to prepare when you could start getting ready right now?